Classic American Restaurant

Classic American Restaurant at The Iron Eagle

At The Iron Eagle, we take pride in delivering a classic American dining experience that transcends time. Our commitment to exceptional cuisine, warm hospitality, and a nostalgic ambiance makes us the go-to choice for those seeking the flavors of classic America.

Whether you’re from Coatesville or a visitor passing through, join us for a journey through the heart of American cuisine.

A Culinary Adventure through American Classics

Discover the culinary heritage of the United States as we showcase a diverse menu brimming with iconic dishes. From the sizzling steaks of the Wild West to the comforting flavors of the South, our chefs craft each dish with passion and expertise.

With a menu featuring regional specialties, you can explore the tastes of America without leaving your table.

Unmatched Quality and Freshness

At The Iron Eagle, we believe that quality begins with the freshest ingredients. Our commitment to sourcing locally and sustainably ensures that every dish we serve is bursting with flavor.

From the crispness of farm-fresh vegetables to the succulence of our hand-cut meats, we prioritize freshness to provide you with an unforgettable dining experience.

A Modern American Experience

At The Iron Eagle, we’ve reimagined the classic American dining experience with a modern twist. Our restaurant boasts a rustic modern ambiance that combines the warmth of rustic elements with the sleekness of modern design.

With its inviting atmosphere, natural textures, and contemporary décor, The Iron Eagle provides a unique setting where you can enjoy classic American cuisine in a chic and comfortable environment.

Restaurant Hours

Sunday: 10AM - 4PM

Monday & Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday & Thursday: 4PM - 9PM

Friday & Saturday: 4PM - 10PM


For reservations, please call or email via the info provided to the right or enter via the form below.



143 E Lincoln Hwy
Coatesville, PA 19320